We're delighted to introduce Moneroo: a payment orchestration platform designed to simplify your transactions and enhance your online shopping experience.

Moneroo gives you instant access to multiple payment methods worldwide and gives your customers more options to pay you - with just one integration.

Once integrated into your website or application, you can access over +12 payment gateways covering +30 countries in Africa and +60 different payment methods.

Moneroo: Facilitating your international expansion

Moneroo was designed in response to the growing need of African and international businesses for efficient access to diversified and reliable payment solutions on the African continent. Faced with the complexity of managing several payment interfaces and the challenges of operating in a heterogeneous economic and linguistic environment, these companies are looking to simplify and secure their financial transactions. 

Moneroo responds to these challenges by offering a single platform that integrates a variety of mobile payment methods, which are essential in regions where access to traditional banking services is limited and mobile payment is growing rapidly.

In addition, Moneroo facilitates the expansion of businesses in African markets thanks to its ability to manage various currencies and languages, while guaranteeing a high level of security and compliance with data protection standards. In this way, Moneroo offers a complete solution that not only enables payments to be collected and distributed efficiently, but also optimises the payment experience and provides valuable information for strategic decision-making by businesses.

Moneroo features


Moneroo offers customers the ability to make payments anywhere in Africa. It integrates several local payment methods and gateways, enabling businesses to receive payments via a single integration. This is a significant advantage for businesses wishing to operate in several African countries without having to manage multiple payment gateways.


In a similar way to payments, the platform also allows businesses to pay their customers anywhere in Africa. This suggests that Moneroo functions not only as a payment gateway but also as a money transfer tool, offering the flexibility to manage outbound payments.


The checkout functionality offers a unified and optimised user experience, designed to facilitate conversions. This means that the checkout process is simplified to minimise basket abandonment and maximise the chances of the customer completing their purchase.


Moneroo provides real-time transaction tracking and detailed reports. These analytical tools are essential for businesses to monitor cash flow, understand customer buying behaviour and make informed decisions based on accurate data. All your data in one place. Track and manage all your customer and transaction data across multiple payment gateways from a single dashboard.

Benefit from global coverage 

With over 12 payment gateways and 60 payment methods, Moneroo offers great flexibility to meet customer preferences in different countries.
The platform also supports over 5 transfer gateways and 20 transfer methods, making outbound transactions easier for businesses. With support for over 50 currencies, Moneroo is ideally equipped for businesses looking to operate in multiple markets while offering a secure, localised customer experience. Moneroo offers customers a secure, local payment experience.

Easy integration compatible with all languages 

Integrating an online payment solution can often be complex, but Moneroo changes the game with its suite of easy-to-use APIs and SDKs.
Without the need for complex development, Moneroo allows users to simply choose a module that suits their needs and start processing payments immediately. Offering universal compatibility, Moneroo's solution is suitable for all programming languages and stands out for its code-free integration option, making it accessible even to non-developers. Whether you're working with WooCommerce, Laravel, or any other popular platform, Moneroo ensures seamless integration. For an optimal user experience, Moneroo is there to support you.

Join us at www.moneroo.io today and discover a new way to manage your online payments.